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12:18 a.m. - 27 September, 2005
* Hail ME *
AH, I watched FF7 Advent Children n Last Order over the weekend. N I made an AC strip as well (points above). What can I say? The CG is mind-blowing and the characters are HAWT. But the storyline is tissue-thin and Cloud prances around alot like a pretty boy (think: YamaP). Zack looks alot better than Cloud, btw, must be the cute blue spikes.

Anyway, we had a lovely movie marathon on Thursday where we gorged ourselves on junk food and Coke (lots of Coke) and watched frat movies. LX insisted we watch 'Drive me Crazy' which featured a curly hair boy with no social graces and a blonde with too much school spirit attempting to get it on inspite of trials n tribulations (the highschool type of coz). Equates to lots of bitching and emotional rebellion.

And then Old man made us watch 'Dude, where's my Car?' which basically is like a trip into BEB's mind. Next was The Talented Mr. Ripley which scared the toots out of everyone bcux of Matt Damon n his vicious ways. Why, oh why did he kill Peter? Peter loved him the most. I STILL DON'T GET IT. ARGH.

Dan we watched Driven. It has Kip Pardue (yes, I swear on Hyde's height that IS his name), lots of Kip Pardue in glasses, driving, looking moody, pushing his brother out of the way. Yeah.

And I see my lovely chio butts has ranted about Sentosa. And sad to say, yes, it's all TRUE. 100%. Except for the greenery and the fresh air and tons of lovely Aussie boys with curly hair and being cute lil tourists n a certain pink boy, Sentosa is basically a limp fish. But not to worry, the Sijori Golf Course is not that bad. Butts n a certain hole-guider are jealous becux I got TWO, yes TWO holes-in-one. Eat that, my no.1 fan!

Ok, but still I'm an executor of justice. I logged onto the Sentosa webbie and ranted and raved about the woman. And then today they called me up and offered up FREE complimentary tix!! Yes, for all 4 OF US. Ah, all hail me, no?? Yes, thank you, I know I am the greatest.

Oh, and I'm sick of making Rafi icons, my com has broken down into hysterical tears 3 times already. So I shall start on Aiba icons! And whoever asks me next to make icons..


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